Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to gourds

I've spent some time working with gourds the past few days. The Christmas sales are fast approaching and I do have to have inventory to the two Galleries by mid November.
Here is one of the items I did. A spirit dancer that is 12" tall.
We have a very unique gallery in our city, it is an old grain elevator. If you'd like to see it, just click on this link.

Lutrador and Lace

I have recently joined the Fiber and Stitch group. Oh my the inspiration!!!
The first challenge was lutrador and lace. I had a piece of lutrador, that I received from Quilting arts, so I got to work.
I re-worked it today and this is the result. I really have to learn to 'let go' and just let things happen :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Vision Gourd

I just wanted to share this with you. I do several Vision Gourds a year, I learned this process for my friend Leah Comerford.
Every gourd is different, so the amount or them of characters varies according to the mold markings on the gourd. It is much like looking at the clouds and picking out Characters :)
I work on one of these gourds for months, often setting them aside, a new day will bring a new image.
You can view more pictures of this gourd at

Monday, September 10, 2007

journal cover

I made this one for my youngest sister. She's an Autumn person, so I used her favorite colors. This was a great experiment for me, and they turned out quite good.
I hope the girls use them on their road trip, they leave this Sat.

new painting

Today I spent the day in my 'craft' 'gourd' studio. I volunteered to do a painting as a fundraiser for the local gallery.'s due the 15th! And I got it done. it is done with acrylics. I call it 'Connections'...the rail and elevators are what brought the settlers to this area. A little bit of quilting influence too, in fact I think it would make a nice wall quilt.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

sun printing

I tried another new process, sun printing. What fun. I dyed some muslin using silk dyes, then laid different objects on the fabric. I was certainly amazed with the results and will be doing more of this when the sun allows it.

New adventure

It is gorgeous Fall weather in the North. I love the colors and smell of Fall.
I have been venturing forth a bit with this new art form.
My sister and her friend are heading out on a road trip, I decided to make journal covers for them. Here is a pic of one, I'm fairly happy with it.
The other is Fall colors, will get a pic of it soon.