Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poppies In The Garden

I have had some fun playing with my painted fabrics. This piece brings some joy into the home, with this bitter cold we've been dealing with. It is raw edge applique with some beads in the one poppy. Now it's time to move on to this months FFFC.
I look forward to your comments.
I hope you have all had a Happy Holiday!

Friday, December 5, 2008

New piece

I finished this piece last week. The flowers are all made from the handpainted fabric that I did over the summer. I like the movement in the piece. And sunflowers are one of my favorites.
I've included a close up so you can see the thread work. Many colors of thread in this work.

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #27

I finally have my right hand free of cast and brace, and have started physio. I'm thinking that sewing is great physio, although the hand tires fast.
Here is the latest challenge piece, I've really enjoyed constructing it.
Our challenge was to do a close up or a far away scene. The second part of the challenge was value.
The Basket Weaver
Continuing with my Women at Work series I've chosen to do a close up. The close up is of a basket weaver. I found it difficult to portray the subject at such close range, it was a great exercise for me.
I worked hard with the value part of this challenge but am not sure that I totally achieved it, it seems that I don't have enough really light spots?
The piece is 13x16". After some great critique from the FFFC group, I realize laying the plaid fabric down was a mistake, so I've reworked it with some paint.