Monday, December 26, 2011

Orca Bay step #5 & 6

Continuing the Orca Bay Mystery. I didn't think I'd be able to keep up during the Season but I did it.
Step #5 was a lot of sewing, sewing all those wings on the little half square triangle blocks.

Step #6---ahhh finally some blocks. Who would of thought Ohio Stars 28 lights and 28 darks, It was fun to put the blocks together and I am really looking forward to Step #7 this Friday.  I am enjoying every step of this mystery with Bonnie, if you would like to see more of the Orca Bay mystery check out Bonnie's blog:

We had a wonderful Christmas, filled with friends, family, food and good cheer. A very unusual Christmas for the north as we have hardly any snow left! The lawn is green...can just imagine what Mother Nature has in store for us for January :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Red Fabric and Orca Bay Step #4

Step #4 for the Mystery Quilt made me very happy, working with red!!! I made 64 red string blocks, they are such fun to make.Then these were cut in half to form beautiful rectangles 128 of them! I am having so much fun with this mystery and the mystery continues. Bonnie says there are 8 steps so what is next is a mystery. You can learn more about the Orca Bay Mystery quilt at :  
I hope everyone is enjoying this mystery quilt as much as I am.

When I started Step #4 I had lots of red scraps from two previous quilts. I've really been into reds the past few months. Both the following quilts are going on the quilter this week...for sure!  The Buggy Barn star quilt still needs two borders, the other quilt is made of sister's choice blocks and it is ready to be quilted. Gottal love red!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Orca Bay Myster Step#3

Well, I finished step #3. I thought for sure we would be using reds in this step...but not so. I had to dig deep to find blacks, not much plain black so used black with patterns on it. 350 half square triangles unfinished size 2" that is a lot of sewing, pressing and trimming. Bonnie your are working us hard for this mystery:)
I had made some HST too small for step #1 so had 98 already made, am I ever glad I didn't throw them out.
You can learn more about the mystery quilt at Orca Bay Myster quilt
Here are my little lovlies.
I don't have any of Bonnie's rulers so I used the Wondercut Ruler for the HST. You sew two strips together, one dark and one light,  sewing on both edges.

Then use the dandy ruler to cut them, it really makes fast work of HST and is a method that I like to use. After cutting you just press the seam open and voila! a perfect HST. I can make 24 from two strips of fabric cut the WOF.
So far I am enjoying this mystery  a lot, and am looking forward to Step #4...will we use our reds???? Stay tuned
Lovely day in the north, little snow on the ground and above zero :)