Sunday, November 29, 2015

Allietore! Clue #1

I am thrilled to be working on another Bonnie Hunter MQ. I blog more and enjoy others blogger pages. I have been quite bad at posting on my blog the last while. Medical issues, spent most of the summer waiting for the phone to ring with an appt with the cardiologist in Edmonton. All is well for now and I can settle in to what I love.
I have done four of  Bonnie's mysteries  and I am hooked. Here is a link to this years Mystery
Winter Mystery 2015 - Allietare!

 I will be joining Bonnie's Link Up Monday, and look forward to visiting all the other Allietore! bloggers.

Clue #1
Here are 300,  2 " HST.

I am using Bonnie's colors, as I love them. All pulled from the stash. I had them in the stash as I was actually gathering burgundy, black and gold for another quilt...story below.  Reds lean more towards burgundy, black has small dots. The grey in the HST is  a Moda solid.
I used the Eight at a time method for HST, it goes so quickly and perfect little 2" hst. Love it. 

And here is the foreman keeping an eye on things. 

I took a class and made this quilt many years ago, neither the instructor or others were pleased with my color choices, and kept saying things hinting that it wouldn't work. But I am stubborn and stuck to my guns. Here it is.  I have always loved these colors, over the past year purchased fabrics here and there that were on sale...and than along came Allietore!!
Happy quilting . 
Link up Monday 

Sunday, November 1, 2015


I can not believe that I have not posted since April!!!!!!! Seems once summer is on the way I forget all about my poor little blog. I have had some achievements in the quilting field over the summer. I took a Judy Neymeir class at a certified shop not far from us, and finally understand the technique. First I made the ONE, one leaf wall hanging, then two runners that I made, one started in class.  Love them both.

And a set of place mats that found a home in Vancouver. 
Felling so confident that I started her Ballroom Dance, queen size. 
Here are half of the  corner you can see I am carrying on with my scrappy addiction.
Four blocks laid out, still working on making the blocks. 
Of course still carrying on with my love of everything Bonnie Hunter. The following quilt is her 'Blue Skies' done scrappy, with string blocks from a swap. 
This quilt is in Kamloops, and a wonderful young man is enjoying it. 
And now all ready for ALLIETORE! Bonnie's new MQ. 
I have most my fabrics picked. When I think of  Italy, lush red tomatoes, gorgeous burgundy grapes/wine,  luscious rolling landscape with lot's of green, so will be suing green instead of grey.  Hope you have enjoyed my summer/Fall work.