Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coffee time

This is a piece that I started in Pamela Allan's class. I call it 'Coffee Time' , lot's of hand stitching which I enjoy doing.


Here is another finished piece. I pieced log cabin blocks with cotton and silk fabrics, placed the plumeria tree and Koi over it. The Plumeria came first, then I noticed the bottom was empty so used sashiko stitiching to add a winding stream and added the Koi.
Made from my hand dyed/painted fabric.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New or finished work

Here are some other pieces that I have finished.
White Peacocks, when researching them I was surprised to learn that they are not albino, but belong to the Peacock family and are quite fantastic and brilliant when theya re all white.
Lot's of thread work on this one.
Raindrops at Radar Lake is made with my hand painted/sun dyed fabric and commercial cotton. I didn't want to lose the effect of the sun dye areas by quilting over them, so made 100's of french knots to represent raindrops :)

Quilt show

Our guild held their annual show on April 11th, it was a huge success. I had many pieces in it as did others, we really thought for awhile that we wouldn't have enough for a show. As it turned out we had 37 pieces.
In this post I am posting the three viewer choice winners.
Rhoda, 1st , Josie 2nd and Barb 3rd.
My piece was a hang appliqued quilt, pattern by Susan Gorman. Three years and five hand surgeries and it was finally done!  It was my first attempt at hand applique and I can sure see the progression of the neat stitches.
I thoroughly enjoyed making it, but likely won't repeat the process for awhile.
I believe Josie's is a Jinny beyer pattern. Barb set very old crosstitch blocks into her winning quilt. I have included a picture of the close-up quilting on mine, I machine quilted it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have sorely neglected my blog in the past few months. No excuses, just haven't got to it.
Here is a new piece, 'White Peacocks', I always thought they were albino but they aren't. They certainly are a gorgeous bird.
The weather has been very cold the past week, supposed to warm up next week, I hope so I really do want to get out in the yard and muck about.  We had our guilds annual show on Sunday, and I vendored for the first time. I was surprised at how much of the snow dyed fabric that I sold.