Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice Step 5 and Love Entwined Step 7

I had a wintery snowy day to spend sewing and accomplished quite a lot.  Maggie my helper was a real big help!

I did manage to finish all of Step #5 and loved working with the bright colors...I need more blues!

And here is step 1 - 5. Does anyone know how many steps we have ??

I am also just about finished Step #7 of Love Entwined. Just have to stitch the top left corner and it is done. More applique than I've ever done on a 32" square :)
I hope you have all had a happy Sunday. So much of Eastern Canada is without power and storms heading that way, I pray that you are all safe.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Celtic Solstice Step#4 and Mountain Flowers

I am managing to keep up with Celtic Solstice and am really enjoying the bright colors. We have had more snow then we usually have for the whole winter, so it is pretty white out there. Very cold temps...for weeks -30 to -21 and a lot colder with the windchill. A little Chinook blew in just in time for Christmas +4 and rain yesterday making for very slippery roads and sidewalks. I do hope anyone traveling for Christmas has a safe trip.  Here is step #4...lots of little four patches. I used Missouri Quiltings method and they went together very fast.
 And here are all the steps together, one to four. This will be a bright happy quilt.
 This pattern, Mountain Flowers , is from a 2004 quilt magazine. Found it again one day last winter so it has been a long work in progress. Today I put the last floral border on...just needs a teal border and it is ready for the PMQ pile (Please Quilt Me )
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and all good things for 2014!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celtic Solstice Step#3 and other quilty things

I am finished step #3 and I must say I am loving working with all these bright sunny colors. It has been overcast and snowing here for a week...we have a lot of snow! The sun did peek through today while I was making the pinwheels.
 Here are the first there steps all together. I am loving the colors and believe this will be a very happy Irish quilt :)
 Got scraps? Make a string quilt. This is the second one I've done and love the layout...added to my PQM(please quilt me) pile.
 A table runner/wall hanging I just finished. Love the blues.

 Here are the two mystery quilts of Bonnie's that I finished and I love them both.Easy Street and Orca Bay.

The Christmas Tree is up, and I have hung my wall hanging from last time to take a break and do some Christmas baking. I did make Lefse on is all gone. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Celtic Solstice Step #2

I have finished step #2...must say those little chevrons were certainly time consuming, but what better to do on a snowy cold day :) My background is showing white, but it is cream with dandelion design.
 Here is step 1 and 2 together, I am loving these bright refreshing colors.
I spent a lot of time checking out others progress on Link up Monday, however I have to confess with over 200 blogs linked I didn't make it to them all. What a wonderful show and tell we will have at the end of this mystery :)  Thanks for stopping by, and have a happy day.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice has started ! Color choices and Step #1.

I am thrilled to be doing my third Bonnie Hunter mystery. Love the color suggestions for Celtic Solstice, as I do have an Irish background. So for this mystery I am going with Bonnie's suggested colors.
Here are my fabrics; I may be adding more as we go along.
 And here is step #1...had a busy Saturday so made up for my lost day and sewed yesterday. . We had quite a blizzard happening so a great day for staying in snuggled up to my fabric and sewing machine.
Thank you Bonnie for providing us with another Mystery, and I look forward to looking at everyone's progress. 

Friday, November 8, 2013


I made myself this snowman wall hanging. And just in time we had our first real dump of snow today.  This pattern is offered in one of the current quilting magazines as red work. I decided to do it in wool and am quite pleased with the results.  I did some hand embroidery on the snowmen.   I love to stitch while watching TV...or maybe I don't actually watch but listen :)

Waiting patiently for Nov 29th and the beginning of Celtic Solstice (Bonnie Hunters new mystery Quilt) . Being of Irish descent I will be sticking to Bonnie's color suggestions this time :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Celtic Solstice

We have had the most gorgeous Fall. No snow yet and a bit cooler , but beautiful sunny days. I am getting excited to start Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt 'Celtic Solstice' on Nov 23.  Here are the colors I've pulled some will be used, more might be added, one never knows with her Mysteries :)
I have finished Step #5 of Esters BOM, just two more corners to do :)
Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love Entwined Part #4 and new quilt.

I am trying to catch up with Love Entwined. I have the first Vase done and hope to get started on the second one soon.
All four will be a  different design..
My cousin and I like to get together once a week to catch up and do some sewing. We decided to make a quilt for a special lady. We both love string blocks, so here is the result.
I have it on the frame and hope to finish quilting it tomorrow, Bev will do the binding and then we will deliver it. It is just so much fun to sew with a favorite cousin :)
This quilt was at least two years in the making. I was never pleased with the brown in the center. One day my cousin brought her GoCutter down and I had this brain wave to cut a bunch of daisy petals...this is the result...Log Cabin Daisies :)
Here is the full quilt, quilted,  washed and on the bed :)

Trip South.

Too much outdoor time and holidays, and traveling. I have really been ignoring my blog. My sister and I took a trip down south, to North Central Washington, then back to Keremeos to load up on fruit. And of course when we finally arrived home lots of canning to do!

The RV park at Keremeos.

 Marg checking out the plums
 Marg in my friend Edith's orchard, checking the apples.
 My favorite spot at Keremeos.
And of course we were loaded with quilting goodies from the USA :)
It was a most wonderful trip, and now we have had a gorgeous Fall and winter will soon be here. Hello quilting!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Love Entwined and Summer Fun

I neglected to post part #3 of Love Entwined and it is just about time for Part here it is
We made a lovely trip west and north to Meziaden Lake and Stewart, BC, fishing salmon. Gorgeous scenery. Here are a couple of Glaciers on the way into Stewart, BC.

Meziaden Lake was a gorgeous spot to spend a few days out on the Lake.

And then we had a Celebration of Life for my Aunt Dorothy ( my mom's twin) and Mini Moore Reunion. It was a great time. We let go 20 balloons, one for each one of the Moore's that we have lost.
Here are a few of us. The two in the front row middle are the only two of Mom's siblings left.
Getting ready to let go the balloons , Aunty Blanche read the names.

The first two were for Gramma and Grampa, the three for My Mom, Dad and Step dad and so it went. They all floated over the homestead. It was a weekend of fond Memories.
And here I am reflecting on a long day full of memories.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet

I am presently working on this gorgeous quilt, Esther Aliu is offering. Click on the button on the side to go to her blog and read all about the history etc., This will be an 18 month BOM, so far I have two months done on the center panel. Just about ready to start month 3. Here is my progress so far.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Finished..."A Summers Eve'

I have been so neglectful of my bog. When spring arrives all I want to do is be outdoors mucking in the dirt. The garden is growing well as are the flowers. A bit overwhelmed with the UFO's I have created  over the winter so made a list and on these rainy days I am working on paring it down to a  manageable size.
I just finished this picture, hand stitched and stretched over a gallery canvas.

I made a few mug rugs to send to some special gals. They will be out in the mail next week. All my own designs .
I am working on a Scandinavian Embroidery quilt, and am adding the sashing blocks as I go. So far it is going well and I love the redwork.  Hope you enjoyed my blog entry and will try and have more completed items soon.  Have a great summer. Thanks for stopping by and do leave a comment if you feel inclined :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Blues

I did a wall hanging for Pamela Allen's class. It was a lot of fun to work with the blues :) And I think the hint of yellow is a nice compliment.
It is has batting and is hand stitched, then I stretched it over a gallery canvas. I like the look.

I am working on a couple more pieces will post when they are finished.  We are finally getting some spring weather, but it still needs to warm up more. No dandelions yet or green grass...come on spring!

Easy Street

I finally finished the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, it was a labor of love. I am thrilled with the results, it has minky on the back and is now on my bed...a nice burst of color after our very long winter.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wool Felt

I have been playing around with wool felt. Fun and love to do the hand stitching. This is my own design and I'm liking it :)

I also made a little mini quilt to bring on spring :) The birds seem to be happy lately . A fun little project and I hope to make one for each month of the year, I just need to get out and find a good twig for the hanger. We still have a lot  of snow but the days are getting longer and the temps are a bit warmer.


Decided to finish the Art Gallery piece, it is on a glowing background and I am starting the stitching on it.

The last lesson was a real stretch for me. We were to do a night scene! I decided to carry on with My Town and here is the final result..I will definitely stitch and finish this one. Not too much tweaking and actually was easier to do than I first thought.  I also have a moon in the sky now with the fabric from the when it is stitched it should look ok.  I so enjoy Pamela's classes if you ever get a chance to take one of her classes go for it. I always come alive, no matter how down I'm feeling :)