Patterns available. If you wish to teach a class I ask  that each student purchases a pattern and you receive written permission from me. Contact me for more info if you are interested in teaching one of my designs.
For the designs featuring my hand dyed fabrics, bali or batiks  can be substituted,  Click the Buy Now button below the picture.


Poppies all three designs are included.

"School Zone" 37X41"


School Zone

"Morning in The Garden" 44X50

"Tancho: Keeper of Fidelity"

"Reflection" 23 x 42"

"Autumn Breeze"  23X43"

"Summer Days" 15X47" ( These can also be made to hang separately.)

"Flight of Fancy" 16X22"

The following will be available in pattern form soon: Email me if you have any questions regarding my designs, and thanks for having a look.
 Basket of Sunflowers
White Peacocks
Plumeria and Koi

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