Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Work...spring has arrived.

It seems when spring arrives my blog is totally ignored. So here goes I will try and play catch up.  
I had a great winter finishing up projects.
 Bonnie Hunter's pattern Smith Mountain is finished and gifted to one of my favorite nieces.
 These little girls ( something like sunbonnet Sue) is finally finished after waiting for a couple of years. Gifted to another favorite niece.
Here is a close up of one block.

This wonderful pattern was received from  a friend down east. First quilt I ever did in solids...and again waited for many years to be quilted.  It is staying with me.

More to come soon.
A city north east of is has evacuated due to a huge Forest Fire. the largest evacuation in Canadian history, at least 81,000 people. I will be busy making some comfort quilts for the evacuees.  I hope you are having a wonderful spring. I love being outdoors digging in the dirt. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Splendid Sampler and UFO's

I have finished the first block for the splendid Sampler. I am looking forward to a lot of fun making these blocks, learning new techniques. Mine will be scrappy, working from stash. Here is block# 1, To learn all about this wonderful event click the link below.  Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson are hosting.
Here is a link for the Splendid Sampler
Grab button for The Splendid Sampler™

And  you can see more of the Block #1 Hearts Aflutter here :)

I have been real busy finishing up UFO's . I am disgusted with myself that I have so many not finished. 

Here is one I finished. I can't find the pattern but I know it is a design by Rosalie Quinlan.
It has been waiting two years or more to be quilter. Hand embroidered and work of love. 
and some close up pics. 

This was my first redwork quilt and I have to say I really enjoyed the process. 
Another UFO is this quilt "Spring Bouquet" by Edyta Star. It was waiting for the four borders to be appliqued. Happy to say it is totally finished. 
I used the embroidery stitches on my sewing machine to do the applique. It is lot's of fun to do applique this way, and I love the finished product. 

I will post more in a few days. We have had very mild winter up north, very unusual. +12 last week and lilacs are in bud!!!  Way too early and I fear our next cold spell will do them in.
I hope you enjoyed some of my progress, have a great day. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cold Up North, Great Sewing Weather.

Continuing on with the UFO's.  Of course the PQM (please quilt me ) pile is growing, I will get to that pile soon.
It is very cold up north -29 with the windchill today and we have very little snow. Maybe 2 to3" compared to the 2 ft we would normally have. Perfect weather to be tucked in the studio doing what I love.

While waiting for this years MQ, from Bonnie Hunter I started Pfeffernusse. Decided to do it scrappy and it is ready for quilting.
I was not thrilled with my scrappy job, but got a thumbs up from Bonnie, so am pleased and will learn to love it. I know someone will like it a lot. 
I am now working on an Edyta Star quilt that I started 3 yrs ago...for some reason quit at the borders!
Here is the center of the quilt. A lot of appliqueing with embroidery stitches.

And here are three of the four borders, #4 is under the needle getting stitched. 
It does feel good to get some UFO's done. 
Here is a close up of the stitching I am working on one border 

I also found a Pam Bono, all cut out, itty bitty pieces in unit done. It is from 2008, the pattern is Daisies in the Cabin. I will start working on it soon. 

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I am doing Allietare! again in a different colorway, Green, taupe, dark brown, pink and neutral. I love the pattern so much. I am treating it like the MQ and doing a clue on each Friday. Finished clue #2 yesterday, I know I am crazy. 
 I hope that your 2016 is off to a good start . 
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Allietare! and Ballroom Dance.

I loved this years Allietare! Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter. I am sure it is my favorite so far, and this is #6 for me. I already have a new colorway picked for a second one. I finished the top, added a four patch border, as I needed a bit more overhang for my bed. And now I see that I messed up a few of the four patch blocks in the quilt...oh well we are not all perfect, and I for sure know I am not :) All the fabric came from my stash, which makes me very happy.
I also really enjoyed Link Up Monday, seeing everyone's' progress and wonderful color combinations. 
I hope to quilt this on the longarm at the local quilt shop...I am thinking music notes...for some reason while working on this I kept thinking of music.

I am busy working on projects that are half done.
This one is a Judy Neymeir pattern called Ball Room Dance. 
Again, I used all the batiks from my stash , and can't believe how much I have left!  
Stash just seems to multiply overnight. 
This is my first full size quilt using Quiltworx paper piece method and I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I do have some quilting ahead of me. That is fine we have lot's of winter left. And I enjoy my winter sewing. 
Next on the UFO list is to do the borders on an Edyta Star quilt that  I started a couple of years ago. 
Hope you all have a wonderful January. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Allietare! reveal .

What a surprise to get the last clue and reveal so soon. I was sure we had a few more clues for the MQ.  If you missed out on this MQ, click the button "Allietare!" on the left for all of the clues.

I was worried that my burgundies were not bright enough ( but they reminded me of wine/grapes) also that my grey was too dark...all my worry was for naught, I am thrilled with my colors and am in love with this design. Bonnie is a wonderful designer, this has to be my favorite so far.
Here it was a few days ago: I sewed like mad to make the corners and a few blocks.

Than had to take a break to get my house back to normal after the holidays.
 I settled in this morning and finished making the blocks, you might say I had a sew a thon!The middle is finished , no borders yet. 
I am in love.  Very glad that I stuck with Bonnie's color theme, it really does say Italy and I see music notes quilted on it in the very near future. 
To view what others have done with Allietare! visit Bonnie's Link up Monday

I have been working on some UFO's....and I have quite a few. 
I was working on this charity quilt when the last clue came out, I did finish quilting but it is still on the frame. Will take it off tomorrow and add binding. 

And than get the borders on Allietare! 
I look forward to viewing all my new friends blogs, there are so many different colorways being used. 
Happy New Year!