Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Snow Fun

This is the wagon this morning, we had a lot of drifting last night.
I also had fun with some snow dyeing, here are the results, I've got four more on the go :) This is my first time using Procion dyes for snow dyeing, and realize I should have used more dye.  Have more dye on the ones I've got batching today.  The first one I twisted before putting into the container.
Must take advantage of all this fluffy snow.  And I love the surprises that happen when snow dyeing.
Hope you are having a great day.

And the other picture is a small car that has been parked at the hospital for the past week, yesterday you couldn't see it at all, the wind has loosened some of the snow...yes we have had a lot of snow!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Any of you that were in the Still Life class of Pamela's will know my love affair with ravens.  This morning I looked out the back window and this is what I saw.  At least twenty Ravens, hunkered down in this tree trying to stay warm in our frigid snowy weather. I am sure it is very hard for them to find food right now with the amount of snow we have had, and we have a heavy snowfall warning for today 20-25cm which is more than 6 inches!  The temp is in  the -30's with the windchill....ahh gotta love winter in the north.
The trees out front are loaded with snow, and the yard out back...well that's the wagon under there and it is a large wagon that horses pull!  Enjoy the photos.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

FFFC #52 Color Field

These are the two pieces that I started for the last Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. Our challenge was doing a piece in the 'color field' technique. This is large blocks of color, sort of abstract but not really?  You can see I had some trouble with this challenge.  Here are the two pieces, started and still not quilted.
The first one I did is 'Fields of Tulips', and it is quite landscapey, perhaps too much so to be called color field.
This next one I called 'Morning Sunshine" and it is more like  the technique of 'color field'.  I guess I am just too much of a realist to wrap my brain around this technique :) But hey, I tried!


I have been so neglectful of my blog. Find that I'm not spending much time online. Anyway, I just finished a piece for a new group I belong to. It is a Haiku group, once a month we are given a word to kick start our imagination. We are to write a Haiku and then put it to picture.
This month our word was 'beginnings', this is our first challenge.
I chose the newborn for my Haiku. Spending so much time at the hospital with my Mom I have witnessed so many new borns and hope they all have a rich full life.


behold your journey

embrace enjoy entirely

beloved little one

I chose a piece of my snow dyed fabric, love the way it portrays the rays of sunshine, and all the wonderful colors of our world with some turbulence a long the way. I free cut the silhouette from a rough sketch  and added some hand stitching.