Saturday, May 21, 2011

Annual quilt Show

Our guild held their annual quilt show on May 15, I was busy all winter preparing for it.  . I did won 1st place viewers choice for this one. It is called stitchers garden, and is an exercise in using all those fancy stitches on your machine as well as bobbin work, and different feet.  I mainly used my hand dyes for the applique sections.  It fits my queen bed and hangs over quite nicely.


The second lesson in Figures and Faces, with Pamela Allen. This challenge was head and shoulders.
All the hooplah over the delicious cupcake outbreak brought about this composition, she still needs stitched, but here she is in all her glory. The next lesson is 'mood'...mmmm...wonder what I'll do? stay tuned....

New Class "The Dock"

I finally feel like the creative mojo has returned after a long hiatus. It took a class with Pamela Allen to bring it back. The class is called Figures and Faces and I am having so much fun. Here is my composition for the first lesson. I call it "The Dock" , I am now in the process of stitching it, but will post the picture for your enjoyment.It will really come alive with some hand stitching on it.
I was thinking of the impending flooding on the Mississippi and how this scene could vanish, a couple very happy with days catch.