Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quilt Show

Here is a picture of my 2nd place win, it is a Pam Bono design called, Daisies in The Cabin, probably the most intensive pieceing I have attemped in my short quilting career.
The other picture is of my younger sister, Brenda. Pineapple blocks, with the most gorgeous wool applique, so textural that folks just had to reach out and touch it!

Quilt Show Results

Whew, our annual quilt show is over. It is such a tremendous amount of work but so worth the effort.
The place was like a beehive, I believe the best show we've had, the walls of the auditorium were awash with color, the glorious melodies of the Potluck in The Basement Singers floated throughout the building while folks enjoyed Strawberry Shortcake.
Viewers Choice awards were presented, I tied for first place with Barb O'Brien.
My Daisies in the cabin took second place, and my younger sister tied for third place with Josie.
The scissor sharpener fellow was very busy! A first time for him to attend.
Here is a picture of the my first place entry, TITLE: “Tancho, Keeper of Fidelity”
QUILT MEMBER: Rhoda Forbes
SIZE: Wall hanging
PATTERN: Designed by Rhoda Forbes
METHOD: Raw edge appliqué, thread painting, machine quilted. The appliqué pieces are all made from my hand painted fabric. The background is 100% cotton commercial fabric.
STORY: Tancho is the Japanese name for the Red Crested Crane. I have always thought they are the most graceful birds. A pair of cranes mate for life, only when one mate dies do they seek out another. Thus the title ‘keeper of fidelity’. The chrysanthemums, apple blossoms and bamboo seem a fitting setting for this crane. It is all alone, perhaps it’s mate has died and it is seeking a new mate , or perhaps it is reflecting on the wonder of the passing of it’s lifelong mate?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walking The Dog on A Parisian Windy Day

This is a piece that I just finished for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. My series is women.
Our challenge was to show planes, shadows using muted shades and yest use saturated colors. I think I met the challenge.
The inspiration for the buildings was from a painting by Edouard Toudoze. I played with the figure a lot before she found her spot in the composition. I did know pre sketching but just cut with scissors, pamela allan style.
I used oil pastels for the bricks, shading etc. They worked very well, I let them cure overnight and than heat set them. I am trying to define my style and I think for this one I would call it embroidered applique. A lot of embroidery stitches were used and no machine work.
I look forward to your comments.