Saturday, September 29, 2012

Modern Mystery Quilt Step #3

I finished step #3 of the Modern Mystery quilt. We have two more steps can't wait to see how this will go together.  I feel so liberated with this quilt, no exact measurements seams pressed open...wonderful fun!
It is a gorgeous day in the North, a bit frosty this morning but the sun has sure made up for it now :)
Hope you are having a lovely Fall day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bags, Bags, Bag, and more bags.
I had so much fun busting some stash and whipped up several bags.
 This one is made from a flannel panel that I've had for a long time.
 Both of these are made from flannel
 This little charmer has two large outside pockets.

 I used some texture magic on these two.
What do I do with all these bags?  I sell them through the local Art Gallery :)

I am so intrigued with the Modern Quilt movement. However just didn't  know where to start, I know I need some solids in my stash and some greys. The AQS are sponsoring a Modern Mystery quilt so I signed up for it.  Not sure what the whole quilt will look like but it is a start to making Modern Quilts. I like the freedom of not precise measurements etc.   Here are the results from the first two steps.

 Step 1 rectangles of various sizes
Step 2 half circles on a background (or field as they call it ) of light grey.
Stay tuned for Step 3 as a I continue my journey into Modern Quilting.
It is such a beautiful Fall up north, one of the warmest Septembers that I remember. We spent a few days camping up the Hiway and the colors are just glorious. These pics were taken at Pink Mountain BC. Such a beautiful time of year to be out in the wilderness.
 Just about at the top of Pink Mountain

 The ranch where we were camped, took this picture from a long way up!
 Lots of wild low bush blueberries and cranberries.

 The cows home from the summer range.
 This little one is only two weeks old and was born out on the range .
A Pink Mountain sunset.