Friday, August 28, 2009

rust dyeing

This is my first attempt at rust dyeing. What a fun process. I had a box of rusted 'junk' that I brought from the farm. I remember my son saying,
what do you want that for???? I didn't really know, sentimental value??/ Anyway it is coming in handy.
The first piece was a saw blade, and old stove damper 'thingy' and some large washers.The second piece was wrapped around an old lantern, I did the wrapping twice.
I have three more bags on the go :)
Now what to do with them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Painted Swans, stitched

I have finished the swans that I showed the other day.
I used WonderFil Rayon threads for the stitching, a bit of blue metallic under the birds. I used a variegated WonderFil Accent thread for the trees in the foreground.
For a first attempt I'm quite pleased with the results.
I look forward to your comments.

Radar Lake

I sun printed a lot of my hand painted fabric last summer. My grandaughter and I collected all sorts of foliage at a small lake near our community. Thus the title. I have had the idea for a quilt swimming in my head for nearly a year!
It is not quilted, just have the top finished. I found it exciting to put together this piece. Unfortuanately the sun printing on the light areas don't show up in the picture, but they are there.
I'm trying hard to cross of things from my ever lengthening list of things to do or try :)
We are having a gorgeous crisp morning in the South Peace, it didn't freeze last night but was close.
The tomatoes are still on the vine, ripening, so must start covering them at night.
Have a great day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing with Fabric Paints

I had a fun time today playing with fabric paints. I used Pebeo Setacolor for this. I hope to sandwich it tomorrow and get some stitching added. Such fun. Does anyone know of a good resist for fabric? I guess the swans are ok with the bit of blue, I used two layers of freezer paper for the template.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seeds of Change

Finally some new work, or a piece finished! I seem to be doing a lot of 'starts' lately.
This piece was done for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge group, the challenge was radial symmetry.
I've wanted to do a woman and child for awhile, so this was a great opportunity. All the hungry children in the world, oh my it bothers me.
Seeds of Change developed. With a helping hand from others new hope for those suffering.
The seeds; water, seeds and children.
I look forward to your critique.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The real use for quilting frames

This is our new cat, Maggie. Can you tell that she likes the new quilting frame??? She is quite a helper.
I've never been real fond of cats, but this little devil has sure captured my heart.