Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday, Feb. 22

How time flys when you are having fun.
My double wall spirit basket class started today.
I finished another art quilt. This one is called 'A Worm's Eye View'...we were to take a section from an object. I used one my photos and took a square out of it. Can you guess what the full picture was?
I tried my hand at confetti quilting, it worked out not bad. It was fun and upon chatting with some of the students on Quilt University I have some ideas for future projects. I covered the pieces of fabric with red tulle and then did a lot of needle thread art over it.
I'm adding beads to the seed head, three hours so far.
When I finish the beads I'll post another picture.


Sally L. Smith said...

I can't tell whether the stitching is all by hand or not. Of course, this type of technique inspired me to do what I an now doing with yarn. This piece is gorgeous. My husband's a wood worker so I THINK I know what this is. Sally

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

The stitching is by machine, adding the beads is by hand of course :)