Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chemo quilt

I have been busy, seems too busy to keep the blog updated!
I've been taking classes at QU and enjoying learning all these new techniques. Now I must get the camera out and take pictures of the finished product.
Spring has finally arrived, still spots of snow here and there, but green grass at last!
Here's a picture of a quilt I made for the Chemo room at our local hospital.
It's a rag quilt, but with a difference. The top is cotton, middle muslin and the back is flannel. It turned out quite nice.
It is such a great feeling to donate to the hospital. I've donated a couple of quilts for babies, and one other for the chemo room.

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cedar said...

Hi Rhoda: I have been lurking and looking at your new work, very exciting...I too, have been distracted from gourds, but the cushier sports, like spinning and dyeing wool etc...much easier on the joints and very comforting, but now am onto gourding for a show I have coming up the end of the month at the comox art far as a bc patch, I too, would have to travel half a day to get to anywhere and take some very expensive ferries, so I am not the most interested in this, plus working half time at the library gardening , well you get the hope all is well with you and love looking at your new work...cedar