Saturday, January 5, 2008

F&S Scrap Bag challenge

The challenge was to put scraps in a bag, and only take 15 min. Here's what I made. A three sided vessel, beads hanging from it.
It was a fun challenge and didn't put much of a dint in my scraps.

A snowy day up north, but a perfect day for spending in the studio working on projects. I like this kind of day. sigghhhh.


Vicki W said...

Thonda, that's a beautiful project. What a bonus that's is also made of scraps!

Sequana said...

Oh, i HAVE to make vessels this year.....i just have to..

Yours is so beautiful....

Can we all call you Thonda now? *L*.....maybe Vicki lost a front toof over the holidays?

Feltique said...

Love the vessel and the fire and ice your work is gorgeous.