Sunday, June 14, 2009

New piece

I took a class with Sandra Fisher from Sask last Sunday. What a knowledgeable woman, I learned so much about thread and my machine! I've always said I'm a 'lifelong' learner and so the journey carries on.
Anyway, we used Sandra's design and WonderFil thread, I love that thread! I changed the colors and used my own combo and here is what I did.
I've now started a poppy (my own design) using the wonderfil thread and am having fun.
Thanks to my quilting friend Pat for bring Sandra to our small town.
I've enclosed some pictures of the class, our guild rents this room by the month, so 'it's ours' and we love it.


Micki said...

Wow, I love your poppy! I have used Wonderfil thread, and it is wonderful...some luscious colours.
Great job!

Sandra said...

Hey Rhoda, that looks great. I printed out the picture and have it hanging on my design wall, beside my original. Lots of compliments on it.

I loved to teach the class and I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Chat later