Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Love Entwined and Summer Fun

I neglected to post part #3 of Love Entwined and it is just about time for Part here it is
We made a lovely trip west and north to Meziaden Lake and Stewart, BC, fishing salmon. Gorgeous scenery. Here are a couple of Glaciers on the way into Stewart, BC.

Meziaden Lake was a gorgeous spot to spend a few days out on the Lake.

And then we had a Celebration of Life for my Aunt Dorothy ( my mom's twin) and Mini Moore Reunion. It was a great time. We let go 20 balloons, one for each one of the Moore's that we have lost.
Here are a few of us. The two in the front row middle are the only two of Mom's siblings left.
Getting ready to let go the balloons , Aunty Blanche read the names.

The first two were for Gramma and Grampa, the three for My Mom, Dad and Step dad and so it went. They all floated over the homestead. It was a weekend of fond Memories.
And here I am reflecting on a long day full of memories.


Margaret said...

Hugs to you for your memories, and the beauty of them in that setting, and for years ahead. "Love Entwined", indeed. :-)

Margaret said...

Another Margaret here...
I like the way you have used the darker fabrics for the hearts and oak leaves. It provides a very nice contrast!