Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love Entwined Part #4 and new quilt.

I am trying to catch up with Love Entwined. I have the first Vase done and hope to get started on the second one soon.
All four will be a  different design..
My cousin and I like to get together once a week to catch up and do some sewing. We decided to make a quilt for a special lady. We both love string blocks, so here is the result.
I have it on the frame and hope to finish quilting it tomorrow, Bev will do the binding and then we will deliver it. It is just so much fun to sew with a favorite cousin :)
This quilt was at least two years in the making. I was never pleased with the brown in the center. One day my cousin brought her GoCutter down and I had this brain wave to cut a bunch of daisy petals...this is the result...Log Cabin Daisies :)
Here is the full quilt, quilted,  washed and on the bed :)

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Margaret said...

Rhoda, I think the daisies were an inspiration! Otherwise, I agree, there was a great deal of The flowers bring it to life; well done!