Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice has started ! Color choices and Step #1.

I am thrilled to be doing my third Bonnie Hunter mystery. Love the color suggestions for Celtic Solstice, as I do have an Irish background. So for this mystery I am going with Bonnie's suggested colors.
Here are my fabrics; I may be adding more as we go along.
 And here is step #1...had a busy Saturday so made up for my lost day and sewed yesterday. . We had quite a blizzard happening so a great day for staying in snuggled up to my fabric and sewing machine.
Thank you Bonnie for providing us with another Mystery, and I look forward to looking at everyone's progress. 


Margaret said...

Great colours, Rhoda! I'm not making this one, so am quite happy to follow along with you on your CS journey. Have fun!

Peg said...

So delectable ! I am going to so enjoy watching this quilt be built (not participating right now, too much else going on!)

Andee said...

Looking good!

ebhaloha said...

Colors are looking good!
Bev H.

ratama said...

Your fabric is looking good!