Monday, October 15, 2007

Fiber & Stitch Fabric Paper

Well, there is just so much to try in the Fiber & Stitch Zine. Yesterday I tried making the fabric paper. What fun! Here is the journal cover that I made. I'm eager to try more of this method. The fabric paper has a thick wrinkly texture, and does not fray easily. I dry brushed some Jacquard Lumiere on the wrinkles, it is very attractive.
I also completed two other journal covers yesterday. The sunflowers were done with Caron d'ache crayons, then thread painted. The white daisey is 6 quilt blocks with daisies appliqued on it.
wonder what my friends and family will get for Christmas this year???


Debbi Baker said...

They are all fabulous Rhoda! I especially like the fabric paper one.

Penny said...

Rhoda you do such lovely stuff, I love it all but I especially love your book covers, well no perhaps the autumn one or perhaps the house dquilt. Really like the lot. What am I going to do with the painted washers? enamel them with utee and then who knows, I am not sure, these were really to see how they worked out but the large ones may be a bit too big, I think the smaller ones will be useful to add to "things"!
Thanks for looking at my stuff.

Lorraine said...

Oh my how gorgeous. You are so talented. I wish I could join in on these challenges but am overwhelmed right now. Good for you. All your work is just beautiful.

Feltique said...

Dear Rhoda,
Absolutely love these journal covers they are gorgeous. Love the white daisy one.