Friday, May 30, 2008

FFFC #20 Deconstruction

Our challenge this month was to take an UFO and deconstruct it. I took a wallhanging , that I never finished and started chopping it up. Adding colored strips until I was happy with it. I added some funky flowers to the right hand corner. After having it on the design wall for awhile, all the lines and the fragmented flowers made me think of the business in our lives, and how some days I have to MAKE time to enjoy the garden.
Therefore I added the wording, 'Be still and feel the moment.'
It isn't finished, I'll add some hand stitching and machine quilting to it.
I look forward to your feedback. Ever since taking Pamela Allan's class I feel the need to add handstitching and I think that's a good thing.
The pictures are of the original piece then the deconstructed piece.

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Doreen K. said...

What a fun challenge. I like what you did.