Sunday, July 27, 2008

FFC #23

I have sadly neglected the blog, that's because I've had surgery on my right hand and have not been doing much. Also summer is here, and it is so short that I like to be outdoors enjoying every bit of it that I can.
I didn't participate in FFFC #22, but felt I could participate in #23. So here it is.
The theme was a focus point with large background. This was difficult for me, as I do a lot of planning for the background. Last winter I played around with the tusineko inks doing fabric portraits. I choose the one of my grandaughter done in one color, again that was a stretch for me as I love color! This piece is very much like Andy Warhol's Marilyn. I did very simple verticle lines of quilting, as I don't feel the piece would s uit all over quilting.
Stretching ones skills and creativity is what FFFC is all about, and I certainly enjoy the challenges.

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