Thursday, January 29, 2009

Second Spring

This is the latest for the FFFC challenge. My theme is woman, the challenge was to use analogous colors and movement. I hope I have achieved that.
In the Chinese culture, phases of a woman's life are celebrated. Menopause is referred to as 'second spring', so my choice for this challenge. I chose the analogous colors of blue/blue violet. As I was working on the piece it was mentioned on the list that we could go further than just two colors beside each other, therefore I added some hues from violet,red/violet and red. The chinese lettering on the right is 'second spring'.
I choose the cool colors to suggest a calming period in a woman's life, the years of child bearing are over, chaos turns to calm. Less clutter, note her room is free of clutter, just a pot of lovely flowers :) And she now has time to tend to the flower box out the windor. Perhaps we need to give in to this time of our lives and enjoy it more. You can tell her age by the sagging breasts :0
The right side wall is a deep purple, however in the picture it almost looks black. I tried adjusting the color and got orange for the finally left it as it is.
I definitely did this piece in Pamela Allen's style, with lot's of hand stitching.
I look forward to your critique.
Thanks for the challenge Ren, it was fun for me.

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Hi Rhoda,

I like this piece very much. I can relate to the fan blowing full blast, with her hair streaming behind her and even the flowers appearing to be bending in the breeze. Your explanation of the piece was right on. Thanks for sharing.