Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bliss FFFC#40

I was the host for the challenge this time. We were to do a still life, plant, and the color scheme from product packaging.
I love dark chocolate, especially during the cold winter months.
While researching the topic of  color schemes of product packaging and the mood they evoke I now know why I reach for Bliss Dark chocolate.
Brown for warmth, comfort and security, pink for romance and calmness, and gold for happiness.
This was a great exercise, both in putting together the challenge and in doing it.
I used some gold leaf on the background
I've included a picture of Hersey Bliss package and my still life.
If you would like to see more of this challenge visit
Enjoy, and I look forward to your comments.


Linda said...
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Linda said...

Fabulous. I just discovered your blog. You nailed the colors and your bouquet does express "bliss".

Micki said...

The bouquet of flowers is just wonderful, and you really caught it perfectly!

Vals Quilting said...

I love your still life and I agree with Linda the colours are just awesome!!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Great job!I see you have not lost your skills in Still Life!