Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pamela Allan's class

Here are two more starts I've done in Pamela's class. They both need stitched and quilted.
The first one is 'my garden' and the second is a still life done with funky floral shapes.
It has been fun exporing flowers in a whole new way. I've got one more from this lesson to complete. Will get at it soon I hope.
Still snow dyeing and had some great results with turquoise the other night, Here they are.
I used turqouise Jacquard reed dye with some tan and scarlet Rit dye....still experimenting :) I am finding that freezing the wet fabric before applying the snow gives great results.
Such fun.

1 comment:

Vivian said...

Love your snow dye pieces! With our weather down here ... I'll have to move fast to try it when we have our 3 day winter!
Your 'funky flowers' has excellent lines & balance.