Thursday, February 11, 2010

still more snow dye fun

I had some great results from yesterdays snow dyeing, of course there is NO shortage of snow up north. For these three I used Rit dye. Very neat designs, and more whitish than I've got using the other dyes I have here. I see a background for my funky flowers done in Pamela's class for Lesson 2.
I'm excited about the results.


Robin Olsen said...

These are gorgeous and will make fabulous backgrounds. Almost make me wish we had snow.

Katherine said...

WOW! gorgeous Rhoda!
love love love the first one!

Beth said...

Rhoda, these are awesome! Love the patterning you're getting! I'm doing as much of this as I can while the snow lasts . . . love the results!

Micki said...

They are all jsut awesome! I love the patterns that you are acheiving!

norma said...

You *should* be excited. These are gorgeous! I looked at all the others, too, and they all look terrific.