Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have been so neglectful of my blog. Find that I'm not spending much time online. Anyway, I just finished a piece for a new group I belong to. It is a Haiku group, once a month we are given a word to kick start our imagination. We are to write a Haiku and then put it to picture.
This month our word was 'beginnings', this is our first challenge.
I chose the newborn for my Haiku. Spending so much time at the hospital with my Mom I have witnessed so many new borns and hope they all have a rich full life.


behold your journey

embrace enjoy entirely

beloved little one

I chose a piece of my snow dyed fabric, love the way it portrays the rays of sunshine, and all the wonderful colors of our world with some turbulence a long the way. I free cut the silhouette from a rough sketch  and added some hand stitching.


Wendy said...


Don't give up on your blog! I love seeing your work, and the Haiku idea is great for kickstarting the imagination.

former Peace country resident

RandomBugBytes said...

Your quilts are all beautiful, Rhoda! And I love the fabric too!

I think we all go through phases of being online or not. When I wasn't blogging (publicly) for a very long time I kept a private online journal. Thought I'd blog a bit again; let's see how long that lasts. :-)