Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Snow Fun

This is the wagon this morning, we had a lot of drifting last night.
I also had fun with some snow dyeing, here are the results, I've got four more on the go :) This is my first time using Procion dyes for snow dyeing, and realize I should have used more dye.  Have more dye on the ones I've got batching today.  The first one I twisted before putting into the container.
Must take advantage of all this fluffy snow.  And I love the surprises that happen when snow dyeing.
Hope you are having a great day.

And the other picture is a small car that has been parked at the hospital for the past week, yesterday you couldn't see it at all, the wind has loosened some of the snow...yes we have had a lot of snow!

1 comment:

RandomBugBytes said...

Well, I've heard of making hay while the sun shines but I think I'd rather dye fabric when the snow falls! What beautiful fabrics!

We don't get nearly as much snow but I sure wish it would just stay cold; we have ice under new snow. :-(