Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grand Illusion part #4

Finished clue #4 this morning. I am questioning my yellows. they are more gold. Hoping when it all goes together they will all play nicely with each other.  As I was doing these units I was reflecting on my first mystery with Bonnie. It was Orca Bay  and with the first clue I nearly bailed out! I didn't have much experience under my belt, my 1/4 seam was very off most times, really didn't know how to cut fabric correctly..units too small etc. I carried on learning as I went, and now realize how much I have learned. Heck, some of my units are large enough I can trim them, and those pesky points...well most of them match up. What a difference practice and taking advice  makes. Here is Orca Bay.
Grand Illusion continues,  And here is part 1  and 2 of clue 4

Here are all the clues together, keeps my mind active wondering how they will all go together. 

 I have also been busy this year with Michelle May's Fellowship of the Flowers.

I just finished these two pin cushions and scissor keeps for two dear friends.
Here are a few more I've made, I am way behind, but have all winter to stitch away happily. I love hand stitching in the evening. Do you? 
This is one of the projects that I have completed.

Talkin' Turkey is coming along, just a few more flying geese units for the border, and I will start putting it all together.   I attacked this pattern like I would the MQ, each unit at a time. Lot's of units in this container.
Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season, may you have Peace and Joy throughout the New Year.


Monica said...

LOVE these bee scissors keeps, Rhoda! Did you design them yourself, or purchase the pattern? The flower/bee combo is really charming. Great job!

Vireya said...

Your Orca bay looks great! That mystery was one I just watched, rather than joining in.

I can't imagine how our mystery is going together this time.

Love flower and bee gifts!

Cathy said...

Your Orca Bay is gorgeous! And you're doing so well with the clues. Your fabrics are so pretty!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Gorgeous Orca Bay! yes, I had problems with the flying bird units in Celtic Solstice..lost a lot points making that quilt..not my fave , that's for sure...everything looks just wonderful..keep on.

TLC said...

Your Orca Bay is fantastic. Great job sticking to it!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Your Orca Bay looks DYNAMITE! You couldn't tell you were a relatively new quilter making that one! Talkin' Turkey is on my to do list as well! I LOVE that quilt! Those flowers are amazing as well!

Dee said...

Love Orca Bay! I need to put that on my list to make.

Kate said...

You've been really productive with all your projects. Grand Illusion is looking great. I just finished a quilt I started when I first started quilting. I had to change out a couple of fabrics because I didn't quite understand how to pick good contrasts. It's gratifying to look back and realize that you really have learned and improved.

grammajudyb said...

Good job on the pincushions and scissor keeps.I haven't been brave enough to start a MQ but I will. I will!

Claire said...

Love the Christmas decoration--lovely poinsettia wall hanging, and the combination is great.

Enjoy the mystery.

Linda Smith said...

Your Orca Bay is wonderful! I still have to get mine quilted. I also just love your scrappy Turkey Tracks. Great idea to do it scrappy. I might just have to put that on my list!