Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion part#2 and Turkey Tracks

I am loving this mystery. Finished all my Step #2 diamond units, love the colors together. I don't usually do pink and purple.  I used Bonnie's #3 method, it worked for all those chevrons in Celtic Solstice , and worked well for this step. 100 little beauties. Now we just need to use our green, oh my what will she have in store for us next week.
How do you draw your lines on dark fabric?  I use a simple white charcoal pencil from the art store.  It shows up well and is easy to wipe off.
Here is step 1 and 2 together. 
Not a very good photo, the turquoise is much brighter.
And those bonus HST  triangles, how about a pinwheel  star block ? Measures 5 1/2". Need to adjust my seam for the next ones...some wonky points  in my first try. 

Not only am I working on this MQ, I have three of Bonnie's books. Both Shirt Tail books and  String Fling.  Told myself I must make at least one from each book, and I have a lot to choose from. I decided to use up some stash and make Turkey Tracks scrappy, rather than the red that Bonnie did.  Here is what I have  done so far. All of my flying geese, the  bricks are cut and am starting on the string blocks. Turkey Tracks is in Bonnie's Spring Fling book
Very cold up north and getting a fair bit of snow, That is ok I love our bright sun shiney days. the sun makes thlsnow sparkle like a million diamonds. Winter is my sewing time :) 
I am linking to Bonnie's Link Up Monday Blog

I encourage you to go and have a look at how my fellow bloggers are progressing with their Grand Illusion. 

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. 


Julierose said...

Your GI is coming along so well--very pretty colors. I like that star a lot...hugs, Julierose

Vireya said...

Love your pink and purple GI blocks. And your string blocks.

Margaret said...

Whoa! You're roaring away on Grand Illusion, eh? That star idea is great; I too will have lots of those triangles left over. And yes, I too use a white pencil for marking dark colours. Works a treat!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love your units! pretty, pretty! I should have used method 3 in hindsight...Turkey tracks is one of my most favorite patterns, I get weak every time I see one...Mine is all kitted up w/the fabrics ready to go when I am....I make preemie quilts for our local NICU with the leftovers from my quilts.

Ginny said...

I love how you've substituted purple for the black--it's going to be gorgeous. And you are really on a roll. I'm jealous of your fantastic progress!

Mary said...

I love your Pink and Purple. I am also wondering what could possibly be coming next for this mystery. Green and pink something, I predict.

Andee said...

This will be so pretty when done!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Just look at everything you have going on! Everything is so beautiful and colorful! Way to go!

Denise said...

Purple insted of black, I like your choise!!!
Thanks for kind comment.

Kate said...

The pink and purple do make a nice combination. I'm ready to see where we use the green.