Sunday, December 27, 2015

Allietare! Clue #5 and UFO's

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is just about over for another year. We had a wonderful Christmas with family.

 I did find some time to sew clue #5 of Bonnie Hunter's MQ...Allietare!, you will find a link to all the clues if you click the Allieatore! button to the right.   Bonnie is so giving, every year a new mystery and it is always a highlight that  I look forward to.

 I love these little units,they remind me of birds flying.  I have made all 98, but they do need trimmed to size.

These were quite simple to make. I am not using a constant grey, and my neutrals are a bit blah compared to others. I promise in 2016 I will buy more fun neutrals. 

I had really hoped for more gold with this clue, oh well perhaps the next clue our gold will get out to play.  
I love looking at all the blogs and seeing how others are progressing with the mystery quilt. I am  linking up to Bonnie's Monday Mystery Quilt Link Up. 

Still working on UFO's...and I have a lot. I can cross one more off my list. 
I started embroidering these barn blocks about 3 years ago, had started the filler blocks but never finished. I am proud to say it is now completely finished. It was a labor of love. All the barn quilts on the barns are done with the satin stitch. I had to change the flag in one block, after all I am Canadian:) Here are some pictures of it. There are 12 block in all. 

Here are two more that I just finished. They were quilted on the long arm at our local quilt shop. Can you imagine they sat for about two months waiting for binding.

First up is Bonnie's Smith Mountain. I added an extra row of blocks and a piano key border to make it a large queen size. 

This is a pattern from the Primitive Quilts Magazine, 'Cabin Fever" by Karen Bates.

I did wool and hand applique for the flower blocks. I also hand quilted those blocks. The rest of the quilt was done on the local quilt shops longarm. 
Cat on one quilt and the dog on the other, what a pair. 

I wish you all a Happy New Year! from the cold northwestern part of Canada. 
May 2016 bring Peace on Earth


CathieJ said...

Your quilt models make the quilts all the more interesting. I love that barn quilt. So different with beautiful embroidery and fabrics. The blue quilt is in my favorite color and I love log cabin quilts of any type. Your work is absolutely gorgeous.

Vireya said...

Congratulations on all your finishes. Smith Mountain looks wonderful!

Your mystery units are going well. I don't buy the sort of fabric Bonnie uses as neutrals - they don't appeal to me when I see them in the shop, but then when I see them in people's quilts they look great. So maybe I need to consider buying that sort of fabric in future, too. But maybe I need to use up all my beige neutrals first!

gayle said...

Congratulations on the finishes! They look great - those models really know how to show off a quilt!
I've been trying to pump up my neutrals, per Bonnie's advice. It isn't easy!

Deb said...

The barn quilt=FABULOUS!I'm thinking that Bonnie will pull a surprise on us this year also!

Linda W said...

Isn't it great how quick this clue was? I had to laugh when I read some of the comments about tamed down neutrals vs. Bonnie's neutrals. I'm still too hesitant to venture into Bonnie's neutrals and I see I have some company. Perhaps I'll be brave with the next mystery! Your Smith Mountain quilt and embroidered barn blocks are fantastic!

verpa said...

Nice blocks. And I love your Smith mountain quilt.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Busybusybusy! Happy New Year.

Karabeta said...

Nothing wrong with your neutrals and I love the greys you used with the neutral bricks - fun fabrics that will add sparkle.
Great finishes!

Kate said...

Your clue #5 blocks look very crisp and clean. Congrats on finishing off the UFOs. It's the best feeling to see those projects come off the list. Have a very happy New Year.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

The Smith Mountain quilt turned out beautifully. I have a sampler quilt that I'd like to turn into a queen and I love the way the borders turned out on this, so I might do something similar. So nice to have found another Canadian quilter! I'll be following you to stay in touch.