Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cold Up North, Great Sewing Weather.

Continuing on with the UFO's.  Of course the PQM (please quilt me ) pile is growing, I will get to that pile soon.
It is very cold up north -29 with the windchill today and we have very little snow. Maybe 2 to3" compared to the 2 ft we would normally have. Perfect weather to be tucked in the studio doing what I love.

While waiting for this years MQ, from Bonnie Hunter I started Pfeffernusse. Decided to do it scrappy and it is ready for quilting.
I was not thrilled with my scrappy job, but got a thumbs up from Bonnie, so am pleased and will learn to love it. I know someone will like it a lot. 
I am now working on an Edyta Star quilt that I started 3 yrs ago...for some reason quit at the borders!
Here is the center of the quilt. A lot of appliqueing with embroidery stitches.

And here are three of the four borders, #4 is under the needle getting stitched. 
It does feel good to get some UFO's done. 
Here is a close up of the stitching I am working on one border 

I also found a Pam Bono, all cut out, itty bitty pieces in unit done. It is from 2008, the pattern is Daisies in the Cabin. I will start working on it soon. 

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I am doing Allietare! again in a different colorway, Green, taupe, dark brown, pink and neutral. I love the pattern so much. I am treating it like the MQ and doing a clue on each Friday. Finished clue #2 yesterday, I know I am crazy. 
 I hope that your 2016 is off to a good start . 
Thanks for dropping by.


Vireya said...

Making another Allietare doesn't sound crazy to me. It is a beautiful pattern. And doing it week by week again is probably a good way to keep it interesting. I will enjoy seeing your second one take shape!

Margaret said...

What's to say? Your applique is lovely. The other...all those triangles!!! Blows me away but definitely fun and worthy of praise from Ms. BKH!

I didn't do 'A' (the mystery) this year. Didn't like the colours and was too busy to figure out alternatives!) I haven't finished last year's mystery and like its colours better. Perhaps sometime...before too long...

Winter is for quilting. When it's -23 C or F (it makes no difference!) it is the perfect to knitting (grin). Enjoy! :-)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous quilts, Rhoda! In awe of your applique and embroidery skills.