Tuesday, March 17, 2009

School Zone

This one has been 'on the burner' for awhile :) I finally got it off the sketch pad and done in fabric.
I'm open to suggestions for a title for it, if you have any suggestions. Can you spot the three dragonflies?
I did some 'sashiko' type stitching on it, and quite like the effect. The fish are all done with my hand painted fabrics.
I did two rows of flying geese, to portray the fish movement, one row got slightly covered.
I look forward to comments.
This wall hanging was sold at the show April 26th.


Carole said...

Rhoda, this is SO good, beautiful... being a traditional quilter first, I am drawn to your flying geese blocks, very effective. And do I detect some beautiful hand quilting?? You called it sashiko.... it is a different form of hand quilting, kind of like ... what do they say, laying down a grain of rice onto the fabric. It is a nice variation to hand quilting as we know it, would you say?
Love your hand painted fabric. I have been doing some of that this winter... hope to get good at it.
Thank you for sharing...

deanna7trees said...

Love your school of fish, Rhoda. The sashiko dragonflies are wonderful.