Monday, November 10, 2014

Grand Illusion and winter.

Well we have had about 12 inches of snow and it is cold, I think winter has arrived in the north.  This was last week on the front lawn.
And here is today! -23C with the windchill.
I have made so many changes to the fabric for Grand Illusion, I hope I can stick with this palette. I have purple as my black and whites and grey as my lights. The green is darker than it looks. I have one more of the rose color to add in, and I think the turquoise is brighter in person too.
 Eagerly awaiting our first clue .


Margaret said...

Love the two quilts you show against the wintry (and not so wintry) backdrop. :-)

Have given only passing thought to Grand Illusion. Would like to do another of BH's mysteries but don't think I have the scraps for the colour way. Still time to re-think...If not, I'll watch everyone else's fun. :-)

Monica said...

I love your wonky stars quilt, Rhoda! Lots of great colours and fabrics there. You've had a productive year!