Friday, November 28, 2014

Grand Illusion

And the day finally came, I have been waiting so patiently. It is 8:06am, on a blustery cold day. -32C with the windchill. Already I have 160 half square triangles ready for is bliss to hear the machine humming away making another Bonnie mystery. I am using more of a taupe pallette for this mystery, all the others were done bright.
I have really had to discipline myself these past few weeks. I have many UFO's, don't we all?  However I have had this urge to start a new project, each day I drool over the three books I have of Bonnie's and want to start one..I had to walk away and continue with my promise to have 5 queen size quilts ready or close to it before the mystery. Here is what I finished yesterday (above), it is the top for the last one of the five. Gorgeous flannels and I know the recipient will love it.
 All others are bound and ready to go. This baby just needs quilted, backing is ready , just need to pin it on the quilter..but first I am going to have fun with step #1. I hope you are having a great quilty day. 

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Margaret said...

Great start to your Grand Illusion, Rhoda! These are my kind of colours...well, the pinks and turquoises anyway...'Twill be fun to see how it turns out. :-)